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4 Reasons Why Homes In Hurricane-Prone Areas Should Be Built From Steel

24 September 2018
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Many houses have wooden frames. However, if you think that's the only option for building your home, you should be aware that residential steel can also be used. If you're someone who lives in a hurricane-prone area, it might even be preferable. Here's why residential steel construction is ideal for homes in areas where tropical storms and hurricanes can strike. 1. Get Your Home Built More Quickly  Building a home is obviously something that takes time. Read More …

Candy, Candy, Candy! Packaging Is Everything When You Want To Sell More

10 April 2017
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Candy, especially chocolates, are everyone's favorite treat. Americans consumeeleven pounds of chocolate candy each, every year. That is a lot of candy, and much of it is packaged in candy boxes or wrappers made just for candy companies. If you are opening a candy shop, and you want to sell more candy, you need to know what kinds of candy boxes to use, and how to market your candy all year. Read More …

Does Metal Roofing Attract Lighting?

16 February 2016
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Many people who are unfamiliar with metal roofing materials may have concerns about metal's integrity and safety. More specifically, some people may have concerns about whether or not metal roofing is safe during a lightning storm. Knowing the answer to these following questions can help you decide whether or not metal roofing is the right choice for your home. Does metal roofing attract lightning? Metal roofing does not attract lightning any more than any other roofing material. Read More …

How the Price of Fuel Affects Our Economy

6 November 2015
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It's always a nice surprise when you go to the gas pump and see lower fuel prices. It gives you more freedom to spend your money elsewhere and allows families to consider taking more trips out of town. Low fuel costs can save people money in a number of ways, but when the price goes up, it also has a profound effect on the economy. Read on to learn how fluctuations in fuel costs take a toll on the United States economy. Read More …

How Plastic Clothes Hangers Are Made (And Why You Can’t Make Your Own At Home!)

7 October 2015
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Plastic clothes hangers are modern wonders. Their tubular shape and construction makes them appear as though they would not be able to hold clothing items very well, and yet they are actually very strong. If you have ever wondered how plastic hangers are made and whether or not you could make your own at home, here are the answers to all of those questions.    Plastic Extrusion Does the Job Read More …