Candy, Candy, Candy! Packaging Is Everything When You Want To Sell More

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Candy, Candy, Candy! Packaging Is Everything When You Want To Sell More

10 April 2017
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Candy, especially chocolates, are everyone's favorite treat. Americans consume eleven pounds of chocolate candy each, every year. That is a lot of candy, and much of it is packaged in candy boxes or wrappers made just for candy companies. If you are opening a candy shop, and you want to sell more candy, you need to know what kinds of candy boxes to use, and how to market your candy all year. Here are some tips on the packaging to use.

Square Boxes and Rectangular Boxes

These candy boxes are general-purpose boxes. You can put a mix of candy inside them or lots of one particular kind of candy. They lend themselves well to wrapping paper and multiple gift-giving occasions. You can box up candy in these and then wrap them with clear cellophane to keep the candy fresh before placing the boxes on your store shelves. It also helps to purchase and use "sampler" boxes, which are much smaller boxes that generally hold between two and six pieces of candy and can be sold for less money.

Heart-Shaped Boxes

Most people assume that you can only use heart-shaped boxes for candy during Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day. While that is true, many guys and gals still like to give and receive heart-shaped boxes of candy on special days, like anniversaries or first dates. Even if you do not put out heart-shaped boxes all year long, you can offer these boxes to consumers who are looking to present candy to someone special in a heart-shaped box.

Christmas Tree-Shaped Boxes

Some big-name candy companies currently put out Christmas-tree-shaped boxes during the holidays. You could do the same, except that these boxes are a little trickier to create and definitely trickier to fill with a certain count of candy pieces. Hiring a packaging company to design a box of this sort and requesting that the design hold "x" number of pieces of candy will help you get the perfect holiday-shaped box to promote and sell candy during the second-biggest candy selling holiday of the year (Halloween is actually first).

Three-Dimensional Candy Display Boxes

A new trend has candy makers going gaga over candy boxes. These boxes are three-dimensional and double as party display boxes for candy. It is a fun and engaging way to show off your candy while offering it to guests to nibble as they please. Such boxes can be a little pricey, but the novelty of it draws customers into your store to see what else you have.

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